Building High Performance Teams That Support Organizational Growth 

Targeting Strategic Professional Development and Personal Awareness Training that gets Results!


We understand the frustration of wasted time and resources when you choose a path for training that does not yield the result you had hoped to achieve.

We base all that we share on actions and skill development that get results. You can experience the positive results when you apply the latest methods from thought leaders in organizational management, proven real-world customer-centered experience practices, and the latest in behavioral science.

We focus on building strength in three core areas: Communication, Culture, & EMotional Intelligence skills

  1. “The Key to Organizational Excellence is Effective Communication” (Shockley-Zalabak, 2009)Research shows that EI is a proven indicator of performance directly responsible for 27-45% of job success. (Dr. Steven Stein)

    “In the fields I have studied, EI is much more powerful than IQ in determining who emerges as a leader. IQ is a threshold competence. You need it but it doesn’t make you a star. EI can.” (Warren Bennis -professor, author, advisor to Presidents and business executives on leadership. Starbucks founder Howard Schultz considered him a mentor.

    Gallup study shows employee engagement impacts employee performance and satisfaction, work culture, productivity, and profits.

    Dan Goleman is an early pioneer in the field of Emotional Intelligence. The term became widely known after the publishing of his 2005 Bestselling book on emotional intelligence. You can see a short clip below from Dan on the basic theory of EI and it’s application.

    There are four main components of emotional intelligence (EI) that I layout within my website. It is one of the four pillars to support higher HCAHPS scores, patient satisfaction and becoming a world-class organization.

          1. Self-Awareness
          2. Self-Management
          3. Social Awareness
          4. Relationship Management.


  2. Call us today to discuss how we can help you realize higher HCAHPS scores, increased community engagement, and a stronger bottom line. We will guide you toward the proper actions that create:
          •  A vibrant work culture
          • Build EI and DISC behavioral awareness
          • Truly effective communication to increase productivity and team performance


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