Increasing HCAHPS Scores for higher patient satisfaction and revenues!!!

Our unique training incorporates a blend of emotional intelligence, psychology, DiSC behavioral awareness  and strategic communication skills that maximizes learning and application. Use this key information to increase you HCAHPS scores and patient satisfaction.

Do you desire? :  

  • Higher HCAHPS scores
  • Employees to communicate more clearly and effectively to create strong internal teams, eliminate inefficient and time wasting activities, and better satisfy patients?
  • To build trust and collaboration in order to have good working physician, nurse and patient relationships?
  • Build morale, staff engagement, and creativity?

Typical End Results with our training and Webinars:

  • Higher patient/customer satisfaction ratings
  • Elimination of “assumption” thinking allowing clarity in processes and communication
  • Reduced stress factors, employee conflict and turnover
  • Greater collaborating and more effective decision making
  • Increased genuine empathy that builds patient loyalty, builds inter-company relationships and develops a vibrant, healthy business culture.
  • Increased revenue and profit!

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There are many ways for a hospital, or any organization for that matter, to build a stronger work culture that supports effective communication practices, engaging employees, and developing stronger patient (customer) satisfaction.

In the end, an organization can only achieve “world class status” when they cultivate an engaged, motivated, trusting culture where employees enjoy the work, the work environment, and where management is committed to helping employees excel.

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