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Training that Transforms

Communication Stars is dedicated to helping healthcare organizations achieve superior patient satisfaction ratings and build a better, healthier work culture. We do that by implementing training that maximizing managers and supervisor support. It then builds on the personal development of key employees in three major areas:

  1. Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  2. Effective Communication
  3. Shared Behavioral psychology research as it applies to maximizing relationships

The major training outcomes are:

  • A stronger organization culture that perpetuates successful attitudes and actions.
  • High patient satisfaction levels as staff effectively communicate with each other (nurses, doctors and admissions through discharge staff) and engages with patients and their families. The end results lead to higher HCAHPS scores!
  • Greatly improved peer to peer and patient interactions and communication.

We provide a unique blend of training that helps people to understand themselves. Why do they feel and act the way they do and what triggers certain behaviors or feelings? Knowing how they can head off negative behavior and irrational decision processes will make for better employees. A lack of attention to any of these critical behavioral interactions will most certainly have a negative impact on HCAHPS scores and patient satisfaction.

Along with exploring real world examples, our training shares new ways to look at and understand co-workers and patients. Critical steps using empathy and creating buy-in utilizing approaches rarely covered within standard training sessions available today create repeatable results.

Our training uses our unique blended approach. We utilize years of real world business experience to understand your needs and get results.

We also incorporate information in our training from top expert psychologists and the latest research in EI as it relates to behavior, effective decision-making, collaboration, relationship building and communication. By integrating case study examples into training you can truly transform your employees and help get your organization to the next level of success!

You will find that when employees are empowered with this knowledge and begin to apply it in their jobs, there is a real cultural change that will occur. People care more about each other and company goals. Positive results include reduced stress and conflict, more effective teams and higher productivity and accountability. This new attitude spurs on more genuine engagement with patients that builds trust and higher patient satisfaction levels.

We look forward to working with you soon to help your company join the select group of healthcare organizations that can truly be called a “world class” organization! We look forward to becoming a partner with you on this journey.

Tim Passerell


Communication Stars

E-mail: tim@eiinstructor.com