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Hello Everyone and Welcome to my first blog.

Many hospitals are asking the question, “How do we go about increasing patient satisfaction in our day to day operations?”

My goal is to share some of my 30+ years of experience and customer excellence tips to help hospitals and individuals in several ways. First on my list would be sharing the critical actions and practices that are fundamental in helping directors, managers, and HR personnel take the right steps towards increasing patient satisfaction, HCAHPS  scores, and revenue.

Second, sharing my 4 pillars that get into the specific “how to’s” of increasing HCAHPS results are a passion of mine. Once implemented, the healthy organizational culture created will impact employee engagement and patient satisfaction. A great culture, effective communication, employees skilled in emotional intelligence, and possessing the right attitude will transform any organization.

The positive attitudes, collaboration, and strong teamwork that come from the right people in the right environment are contagious. That positive, winning attitude transfers to patients as well as co-workers.

Workers skilled in EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EI) are very self-aware and manage emotions and relationships for positive outcomes. That absolutely does not mean being fake or deceptive with others. It does seek to understand others first, show empathy, and practice top level communication principles on a regular basis. Examples abound of personal, professional, and organizational successes and failures based on EI skill levels. And increasing patient satisfaction is dependent on the four main facets of EI.

What we also need to realize is that our brains are unique and special. They can create new pathways that help with our learning. They can also shrink when constant stress comes at us and is not managed. Sleep, exercise, and food all have an impact on us. It affects our moods, quality of decision-making, as well as all of our relationships. I love covering the latest in medical and business world revelations on these exciting topics.

I hope this gives you a bit of insight into the individual and organizational topics I look forward to discussing with you. By implementing new practices in how we think, act, and through increased EI skill development, we can change relationships, increase hospital efficiency, and improve on increasing patient satisfaction levels. Please check back weekly for a new exciting topic that we can explore together!

To your success!

Tim Passerell

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