Building Trust and Strong Teams

TRUST – The Key to Building Strong Teams and Groups

Getting people to work together towards a common cause or goal can be challenging but it is well within your reach. Your goal is to get individuals to:

  • Communicate
  • Show empathy
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence skills
  • Share ideas, thoughts, reactions
  • Be accepting, cooperative and supportive

To be accepting and supportive does not mean that there must always be agreement. In a healthy environment, others can still express different ideas or points of view. And in some cases, based on past history with someone, you may even be 100% correct in not giving away your trust.

Trust is hard to build; easy to destroy

Support the building of emotional intelligence skills among your employees and you will be laying the foundation to good communication, a strong culture built on trust, and an interdependence that drives efforts to providing superior patient satisfaction.

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