Self Awareness is the first tenant of emotional intelligence (EI). Being aware of our temperament, our past history and upbringing, and how we interact with others is critical to developing a healthy and well-grounded skill set that will allow us to maintain healthy relationships; as we engage with others socially and in business settings.

Self Awareness is to know your own tendencies and understanding your emotions as you are experiencing them. This skill allows you the ability to then engage your self-management skills to control your behavior and reactions to numerous situations. It is this understanding of what sets you off of pushes your buttons that allows you to proactively rein in thoughts and emotions before they become less within your control.

Studies show that over 80% of individuals with a high sense of self awareness are top performers whereas only 20% of bottom performers have high self awareness. As you develop your awareness levels you should be better at taking a 10,000’ view of situations and your emotions so that you can have a more objective understanding of how you may react in each situation.


  • Ask yourself what triggered your behavior.
  • What feelings did you have as the situation was unfolding?
  • Did you have specific physical reactions (butterflies, nausea, sweaty palms)?

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