Social Awareness

Social Awareness is critical for letting yourself build relationships and get along with others. While it is critical in personal and business relationships, many people ignore being sensitive to the situations going on around us. By developing this skill you will be able to more accurately pick up on the emotions of others and better understand what is going on with them. This will allow you to make strong connections with individuals that you would otherwise have missed.

You will also be able to better read a room of people and interact and converse in a way that connects with people regardless of their background. You will be better at seeing both peers and patients emotions and needs and build trust and deeper relationships.


  • Show more empathy –seek to understand
  • Practice open communication and reading non-verbal actions including body language
  • Be willing to open up and share

Please contact us to learn how to develop this skill for your own benefit or employee personal development which will have a tremendous positive impact.

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